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Goddess Full Collection

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Indulge in the luxury fragrance of GODDESS in every your everyday bath and body items, because why not? You deserve it all, because you're a Goddess!

What is GODDESS? It's a fresh alluring fragrance to captivate your senses.  Formulated with a unique citrus blend, bergamot, jasmine and other distinctive floral accents along with elements of musk, amber and oud, Goddess will bring out your inner glow. #GoddessGlow

Includes 1 of:
GODDESS Whipped Body Soap
GODDESS Hair and Body Mist
GODDESS Illuminating Body Lotion
GODDESS Roll On Fragrance
GODDESS Luxe Body Oil


Note: Though cloudiness may occur in Goddess Hair & Body Mist due to temperature changes, the product scent is not affected, and the fragrance is still just as fabulous.