My name is Margo and I’m 16 years old. From a young age, I’ve always had an interest in having my own business. I came up with many ideas from an online art shop to making clothes for my cat. I’ve also always loved beauty products. So I combined my passion for both business and beauty and began to create lip balms when I was 11.

Together with my mom’s help, we found the best natural ingredients for my project and I set to work creating my own lip balm formula. After sharing them with my friends, they wanted more. LOTS more. My mom said to me, “Margo, there is nothing from stopping you from becoming all you’ve ever wanted to be. Dream BIG! If you want my help, I can guide you and you can make this little lip balm thing something WAY bigger.” From there I said, “LET’S DO THIS!”. Three months later, Honestly Margo was born. So I brought together two things I loved… starting my own business and beauty. This endeavor represents my first adventure into business, but it’s just the beginning. I think my products represent girls of today. Girls are smarter than ever before, and we’re taking the things we’ve been given and mixing them together in new & better ways.

Honestly Margo is about pure ingredients, but it’s also about dreaming big, and taking a chance.